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"We're more than just a saw shop"

Meet Our Team

We are fortunate to have such a "Dream" team here. Not only do we have skilled repairs and parts departments, but we also round off our staff with knowledgeable good friendly customer service:


Debbie Pappas started with Myrtle Creek Saw Shop when it opened in it's new location in 2000. She became Co-owner and bookkeeper. She oversees the clothing end of the store and along with everyone else, has had to learn other skills to become back-up help for it all.

Bob Staup came on board in 2014. He served as the Douglas Country Sears technician for 18 years and brought extensive experience in the lawn and garden field. He has been a great asset and addition to our team.


Rich Dougan, our chainsaw, trimmer, and hand-held technician, has 42 years experience and is known nation wide for his skills and knowledge in the industry. He has achieved a Master Service Technician Certificate in every area and his value cannot be over stated.


Rich, The Chainsaw Guy, on YouTube

The West Coast Chainsaw Builder


Wendy Lewis is second to none in Douglas County for her vast knowledge and experience in the parts

business. She has 30 plus years under her belt and has the reputation for going the extra mile to diagnose hard-to- find parts you need and where to get them.

Ron Marriott retired in 2008 after serving Douglas County in the repair business for 40 years. We were very fortunate to have Ron come on board with us in the final years of his career. He has been so gracious in coming back to us when we need a fill-in Technician. His years of experience are invaluable to say the least! He has achieved all the Master Service Certificates and we are proud to have him still fill in for us when needed.


Doreen Butler, formerly from Hobi's (now Pape), joined our team in 2015. Like Wendy, she also has 30 plus years in the parts business. We were excited to have Doreen, with her level of skills and customer service, to come on board with us and add to our already talented team!


Emily Lee joined us in 2012 to take over the bookkeeping position. She has previously worked for large firms and stepped right into the position with ease. She has also learned the other skills needed here to become back-up help and has become another valuable member of our team.

Eric Patton has become a much valued support for our shop. He fills in the cracks for what is needed from day to day, such as assembly of equipment, chain cutting, loading and unloading of equipment, etc...His value cannot be overstated.

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